Saturday, June 7, 2008

Faith In The Storm

My faith is being tested through literal thunderstorms right now. I am terribly afraid of tornados and wind storms. I currently live in a mobile home. Last week the next county over, across the state line, but tornados see no state lines, had a tornado warning. I hurried to a friend's home where there is a basement and company. We sat on her screen porch watching the weather that fizzled out, thankfully. After awhile I went on back home. The weather radar for our closest local television station, on tv and online, was full of action.
Tonight there were again severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings across the state line. The radar was full of action further northwest of us, but not a lot in our area. My friend was watching the tv news reports and I was keeping an eye on the radar online from the same station. The next thing we knew, our tornado sirens were going off. There was tornado action apparently in that same neighboring county even though the radar didn't show much going on. And there was suddenly tornado action right here in our county. I hurried even faster than last week...which isn't easy for me to do in my current state of health. This time I was driving through a lot of the wind and flying tree limbs and falling branches.

Am I safer in the mobile home or in the car trying to get to a friend who has a basement? What if there is no one home at the time and I have no where to go quickly? I have several various locations where I can go to, but each one gets further and further away from home, which means driving further in the storm.

Where is my faith at times like this? On the road with me...ahead of me....causing big tree branches to fall just before I get to them so I can stop or go around and avoid getting hit....opening up the road for me to get through when hundreds of outdoor concert-goers are rushing out of the park and home to safety...keeping my family safe even when I am not near them and have no control of their plans of action for safety.

Okay, so my faith isn't at the point where I am not going to be afraid in the storms...the ones of nature or the ones of life. But I know I can count on the Lord to take care of me and my family through the storms.

I didn't feel good going out tonight into the storm. It has been so hot and I have had trouble sleeping this past week or so, both from the temperatures and other reasons contributing to being unable to get comfortable in my bed. Today was really hot...yesterday was really hot. Today I ended up back in an atrial fibrillation episode which does not make moving around quickly an easy thing to do on top of arthritis. So, to say I don't feel very well tonight is a bit of an understatement. But I am home. I am safe. My family is safe. God is good.

If you want to see some pictures, although not the best due to being taken through car windows, of the sky after the storm, check out my photography blog at . A bit of the Glory of God and His creation.

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