Monday, April 11, 2011

Sometimes, even though our faith in God is strong, we can still be afraid. For those like me who have an additional challenge called Panic Disorder, things that other people are not afraid of can really shake us up. So when something comes along that is truly frightening even to other people, we can be even more afraid than we normally would be. The storm system that passed through much of the midwest the past 48 hours is an example of this. This storm system left a lot of devastating damage in its wake. We knew it was coming. On Facebook, people posted their comments about it on our local EMA's profile as he kept us updated regularly as to what was to come. For someone like me, seeing these updates not only serves to help me be prepared, it also can make the panic worse. But what do I do? Do I totally avoid learning ahead of time and then not be prepared, or do I take it in stride and work to try to ease the growing panic and take the precautions necessary to be safe should the forecast become an actual dangerous event? As hard as it is, I choose the latter. Thankfully my faith in Christ sustains me, even if I have to walk my path alone. I may be a nervous wreck before the event is finished, but He always brings me through to the other side.

Last night I had friends keep me company online all through the night until I knew for sure that the storm was not going to be the dangerous threat it had originally posed for us. The forecasts had continued to say that for our area the storm would not be as bad as originally predicted but would still contain strong, damaging winds and hail. For me, a severe thunderstorm producing any kind of wind will upset me. Living alone makes it particularly difficult to tolerate the worst of the regular storms we have here. This forecast, even though downgraded, still had me afraid. My friends understood this and kept my mind busy with other things instead of the storm and I was calmed.

There is a beautiful song by Scott Krippayne that talks about how God will carry us through the storm...sometimes by taking control of nature and calming the storm and how at other times He allows the storm to blow around us while He keeps us close to Himself, calming us along each step of the journey. This morning after I finally slept, this song was strong on my mind and I want to share it here. You see, this time, God chose to calm the storm and calm me. The storm, by the time it reached my area, had weakened so much that it was nothing more than simple soft rain! This storm that had caused such terrible devastation for many in other states on this night wore itself out by the time it got here. I pray now for those people going through the aftermath. I praise my God who chose to take this time to calm my storm and me at the same time!

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